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Impact Venture Group is a Kansas City based corporation that provides a full range of project management services, equipment procurement and custom millwork solutions primarily focusing on the food service industry.

IVG started as Impact Fabrication, a one-man custom cabinet shop run by Thor Garlick. Thor loves the creativity and detail that go along with making custom pieces.  He puts a little bit of himself in every thing he builds.  This personal connection is what sets us apart and will always be an important aspect of our company.  This is why our logo is of wood and a chair. As the company continues to grow, you can count on our individual, personal service.

IVG is a family owned business run by Thor and Beth Garlick, who together have decades of experience in a vast array of areas.  Thor brings over 25 years of knowledge working on every aspect of large scale commercial installations for restaurants, museums and corporate events.  He brings expertise in project management, contract management, domestic and international logistics, custom cabinetry, engineering and fabrication.  Beth brings over 30 years of experience in corporate procurement, contract management, finance, marketing and corporate events. She has a MBA from Avila University and holds multiple financial licenses.  

Whether you are a savvy business owner or simply seeking a little guidance, you can rely on Impact Venture Group to serve as your solution for procurement, project management, and fabrication.  We are committed to offering 24/7 personalized, exceptional customer service for your unique venture.  We believe the key ingredients for success are based on our values of integrity, dependability, and fairness.  We are driven to continually seek innovative, cost effective solutions to meet and exceed our clients’ needs.

How can we help you?

Our goal is to simplify the process of starting, expanding or franchising your business.

“My experience with Impact Venture Group was painless!! I was opening a new business in Tucson, Arizona and dealt with numerous contractors and suppliers both locally and not. My dealing with Thor from Impact was one of the most efficient and accurate companies I dealt with. On time, great quality and excellent customer care!!!”

Suzanne Vinall

Owner, Planter Sub - Tucson, AZ


* Have a napkin sketch that needs to be brought to reality?

* Have a business challenge that can be solved with a custom piece?

* Have a business or dream that you need help bringing to fruition?

We understand every business is unique, so we make it our business to understand yours. 


Learn more about how IVG can help bring your dreams to fruition!

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